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We are changing our activaties.

Therefore, we are offering the concept by which we build aquariums, and the expertise that comes with it, for sale!

This is an exclusive opportunity to a unique way of aquarium construction!

Lightweight, very robust and energy saving!

Veel free to contact us, if you have serious intentions


We are a design and build studio, specializing in building large aquarium and special constructions and ponds from Unbreakable M.A.F.-material! Become widely known under the name of M.A.F.-tanks. (plywood aquarium manufacturing).


This unique construction concept is LIGHT, VERY STRONG to UNBREAKABLE AND ENERGY SAVING!


We let our plywood provide with an extra thick Fenol-coatiing. This specially made material has clearly proved itself over the past 25 years.


NOT a trivial benefit is the ease by which MAF aquariums can be transported. Just on a normal trailer!

The are almost unbreakable and relatively lightweight.


Yes, we do NOT apply glass or acrylic in the inside of plywood. The plywood we use is the same as used when pooring concrete. The difference is that our material is expecially made for the purpose of aquarium Manufaturing and therefore of a much higher quality.

We use a glue that is not only sutuable for fixing this plywood togheter with a permanent watertight seal, but is also

absolutely not harmfull to any fish or other lifeforms.


The finishing options

A finished aquarium has a standard finish of poplar plywood standard. It often happens that the customer wants to paint it him/herself. A more expensive type of plywood or having the aquarium spraypainted is also possible.

And in case of smaller aquariums, HPL is also a viable option.