English Models Discubus


Original produkt of Aquadesign-X



Based on our own experience with discus fish the we designed the Discubus. And practice has shown that due to the high cabinet, combined with the 3 windows allowing the fish may look into your room, they are very at ease and not easily scared.


The standard sizes of the aquarium are 80 * 78 * 80cm

(70 cm water level). Since the largest doors in houses

measures 80 cm, the width set to 78 cm.


Of course, other sizes and designs are possible.



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This aquarium is a slight variation on model Discubus. The supporting undercarriage is lower. But then again, custom construction is our speciality, and this is just an example of that.

2 weeks after the installation and introduction of the fishes, they already had eggs, which shows that the design really works for the fishes.