English Models Elite


Original Produkt of Aquadesign-X



Model Elite was designed on the basis of past experience working with disabled people, And there are actually some Elite in homes for the disabled.


These aquariums have the advantage wheelchairs can stand in such a position that a personĀ“s legs go under the aquarium, which offers them the opportunity of a frontal viewthat the legs under the aquarium can be lost in a wheelchair and the frontal view in the aquarium can happen. It is possible for a wheelchair user to cling on to the aquarium and even maintain the aquarium. These aquariums were found to be very robust and can even cope with a collision with a heavy electric wheelchair.


All electrical connections are placed under 11 cm

high cavity under the bottom and filter and lighting

fitted at the rear end.. There is only one cable that

runs to the wall socket.. So ... plug and play! The

dimensions of the tank are 127 * 55 * 70

(50 cm water level).



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The aquarium in the picture has been installed several years ago now. It was placed in a caring home for disabled people near Schiphol Airport. Wheelchairs can be driven underneath the aquarium en people can then look straight into the aquarium. Every now and then someone accidentally drives against the steel supports, but that has never caused any problems