English Models Interliner


Original-Produkt of Aquadesign-X



This slick model is made up out of sections of 60 cm. This model is in total of 240 cm long, of which the tank is 180 cm long. Water height and depth are 60cm. The whole stands on chromed legs making it seem like everything is floating off the ground.

It is also possible to have the frame made up from stainless steel


The dimensions of the tank are 240 * 66 * 145 cm

(L * D * H). Further finishing afterwards is possible.

Other dimensions are possible.


There are different finishes available.

From spraypainting to luxury veneer.

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On the right an aquarium that has been finished “to color”. It has been professionally painted in the color that the customer wanted. The advantages of that are that it is not finished in plastic, but with real quality. And every color is possible.




Underneath a picture of an Interliner which is different. It is a see-trough aquarium. The aquarium is finished like we mostly do before it is painted or finished in another way.