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Welcom to our website!

(Aquadesign-X is part of Stichting NOW)




Already more than 20 years ago, also began our aquarium adventure as a hobby, out of passion for the underwater life. It was widely experimented by us and fish care and maintenance of their stay of third parties was a daily activity.


The result was that there was a foundation "Natuur Onder Water"

was founded in 2001 and already there was the current MAF

aquariums its current form.


After, having worked in a garage for years, a expansion became

neccesary in 2011.







The garage in which the aquariums were build for years.


Initially this was a workspace where we thought we could grow steadily, but eventually we would fit in there for only a year.


Meanwhile we moved in early 2012 to a bigger location and some hand tools has made room for bulky machinery which can deliver even greater precision.







The temporary former home of Aquadesign-X


Today, Aquadesign-X is a part of DesinQ. Besides custom aquariums, we now also manufacture custom showstands.