English Models Remainder

Discusfish like to have an overview of the room in which the aquarium is placed. And the like to have a bigger water column. That where the reasons for designing this aquarium.

In the far corner of the aquarium sits a glass chamber. That will be filled with filter medium and a pump will be placed on the bottom. All the wiring goes through the PV-pipe and below the aquarium, in the small supporting frame, is space to plug it into a socket.


Other structures Aquadesign-X



The basic models like Manhatten and Majesty are mostly there to help you in making design decisions.

But the desires of the customers can sometimes differ so much from any of the design, that it’s better to design the Aquarium entirely from nothing. The aquariums below are some examples of that.


Each of the aquariums below has been custom designed for and in cooperation with the customer. Sometimes, the design taste of the customer was leading in that process. But sometimes it was the space in which the aquarium would be placed, that was leading for the design.


In this case we just made the basic structure of the aquarium with room for the lighting. The customer transported it home himself, and the outside was finished there. The aquarium stands on a structure of Ytong-blocks, with steels bars in the full length.


The left side is made of Optiwhite glass. The front out of normal Float-glass. Both the front and the side panel are made of 15mm thick glass.

Dimensions: 350*115*85cm.


These piramides where a request from a customer. The aquariums are interconnected by PVC-tubes running through the bottoms. They have one common filter with two separate pumps.


One aquarium has a water height of 45cm, and the other 55cm.


This angulated aquarium is made to the order of a private customer. He wanted to separated his kitchen table from the kitchen itself and in the meantime create a dining area.


In the corner, there are two PVC-pipes running through the bottom to the filter that sits beneath.


This aquarium was an experiment. The bottom is not supported and hangs free. The structure is such that the aquarium cannot bend under the weight of the water and sand. This model is possible up to a length of 160cm and a maximum water height en water depth of 55cm.


It was eventually bought by a couple that wanted th place their dogs bed underneath it.