English Models Wallstreet


Original-Produkt of Aquadesign-X



These are very strong, relatively narrow aquariums, which can be hung by oblique, counterweight square plywood strips of wich one needs to be screwed to the wall. The maximum outside depth size is 38 cm. The interiour water depth is 32 cm. The water height and length are virtually unlimited.


As with model Elite, there is a hollow space beneath the bottom for the electricity and there runs only one plug to the wall socket. The filter en lighting will normally be build in.


A major advantage of model Wallstreet is that the

floor remains free although the aquarium is a real



A Wallstreet can thus be delivered to your wishes.

Obviously, this type of aquarium also suitable for

wheelchair users.

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The aquarium in the upper picture hangt at home with a customer. It is 128cm long, and the waterheight is 40cm.


The aquarium in the lower picture has hung in our workshop for a while. It is 150cm long and hand a waterheight of 60cm.


With model Wallstreet, the maximum outer debt is 38,5cm. But there are no limitation in possible length or Height, although the maximum waterheight at which the aquarium can be properly maintained is 60cm.