Enlgish Models Majesty


Original product of Aquadesign-X



Model Majesty is certainly the most successful model built by us. Especially among cichlid lovers this is a well-known model, since one in the aquarium can bear a lot of stones, without fear for the bottom to break!

And because the supporting frame is slightly smaller then the aquarium, it doesn't look that massive.


Also, the fact that, as all our models, these aquariums

practically unbreakable, and that these aquariums

require less heating, proves to be a significant



There are two variations on the supporting frame.

With straight edges and angled front corners.

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With every aquarium, the specific details can be mentioned. But together they just show a lot is possible with us. All aquariums in the picture are custom designaquariums. Made to the specifications of the customer. And we can do that for you too!


Rather ask us what we can do for you.